What is Freshana?

Freshana carries the only patented, 100% Plant Based, micro encapsulating cleaning products in the world. “Micro encapsulating” means that our products break up and surround nasty things in the environment (like grime, grease, oil, odors, mold, mildew) and basically disintegrate those nasty things, so the surrounding good bacteria in the air can eat them up almost instantaneously. And our revolutionary products do this all NATURALLY, so they are safe for you, your entire family, and your pets.

How is Freshana different from other home cleaning products?
A: We are Plant Based - 100% safe on skin or if swallowed. We also don't mask bad substances or smear them. We ELIMINATE them - quickly and completely. And there is no "leftover" from the use of our Plant Based products. Our products disappear along with the substances they are cleaning, because the good bacteria in the air around us LOVES our Freshana and eats it while eating the substances that Freshana has broken down for the good bacteria to consume.

Can I use Freshana products on any odors, stains, and surfaces?
A: Yes - almost. Freshana products can be used on any stains or messes or odors that are natural and not artificial. It will not always take out artificial perfumes or artificial oils. But it will eliminate virtually anything else, including smoke, smells, oil, grease, grime, mold, mildew, stains, messes, etc.

Is Freshana safe for children and pets?
A: Completely. Our blend of 9 natural plants contains ZERO chemicals. It is entirely safe for children, pets and adults, whether on skin or accidentally consumed. Freshana cleaners are Plant Based and safe for the skin, the fur, the eyes and the body of all pets, both domestic and exotic. Pets actually LOVE Freshana's cleaners and often WANT to be bathed in our good-feeling natural cleaners.

Testimonials From Our Customers