Why Choose Freshana?

Freshana is the only patented all-natural, 100% plant-based product on the market. Our formula contains the extracts from 9 plants and water – nothing more! All nine ingredients are what is known as food grade – which means they are just as safe as regular foods for you and your family. Our complete line of products are entirely safe for use around children and pets – and will cause no harm if ingested or if skin or eye contact is made. All Freshana products are free of allergens, fragrances, toxins, alcohol, sulfates, and carcinogens. You may notice that on other so-called “green” cleaners you will still find a warning label – that’s because many of these “safe” cleaners still contain the harsh chemicals you find in traditional cleaning products. If that isn't scary enough, manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on cleaning products – so those “green” companies that do – may not list everything that is actually in the product. When purchasing Freshana products, you will never find a warning label and you will always see ALL of our ingredients listed. We are 100% natural, 100% plant-based, and 100% safe – for you and your family.

How Does Freshana Work?

Our products are not only 100% all-natural, but they are also extremely effective and work just as well, if not better, than toxic chemical cleaners. The science behind Freshana products is the key to understanding their effectiveness. All of our products use a process called “micro-encapsulation”. This means that once our product is released, it attacks the offending molecules that create odors, dirt, grease, grime, and stains. The molecules are instantly broken apart and surrounded. Once this occurs, the natural bio-degradation process increases 1,000 times, allowing the natural bacteria in the environment to consume them instantly. This leaves you with a completely clean and odor free environment. There is no need to rinse the area that Freshana has been applied. Our products leave absolutely no residue. Due to the micro-encapsulation process, our products are eliminated, as well as the substances they are cleaning.