About Freshana

Dr. Robert Bayless is an internationally recognized chemist who is a world leader in the development of a process called micro-encapsulation – he is also the founding chemist of Freshana. His journey to create a chemical free, non-toxic, 100% plant-based, 100% all-natural cleaner began almost 15 years ago. Dr. Bayless was certain that with just the right plant-based ingredients coupled with our unique micro-encapsulation process, he could create not only extremely effective super cleaners, but also a product that was 100% safe.

After spending 10 years testing with hundreds of plants worldwide, he had his eureka moment. He found nine key plants, that when combined, attacked hydrocarbons – which are the building blocks of substances such as odors, oil, grease, dirt, mold, mildew, etc. Dr. Bayless spent another year finding the perfect proportions of each our 9 ingredients to create our 100% plant-based concentrate – and in 2011, Freshana was brought to life.

The Freshana team’s mission is save the lives and well-being of the thousands of adults, children, and pets who are poisoned every year by chemical cleaners. We’re passionate about keeping you, your family, and your homes 100% safe and cleaner than they’ve ever been before. We’re confident that after just one use you’ll fall in love just the way our team has – and you’ll never return to the retail aisle to purchase toxic cleaners again.